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Helping not-for-profit organisations operating in or near Bristol to get out and about

Please complete this form to register your group for our Group Transport Scheme. After we've processed your application, you will be able to use our range of accessible and non accessible minibuses to get your group out and about. 

Group Transport is aimed at community groups, faith groups, sports and social clubs, schools and colleges, youth groups and clubs, charities and voluntary sector organisations - its not for groups or organisations that aim to make a profit or for individual transport. If you have any questions about your eligibility, there is some additional information here - or get in touch on 0117 902 0157

Membership of Bristol Community Transport is available for £20 per year to not-for-profit organisations operating in or near Bristol. Member groups also receive significant discount on minibus driver training.

To apply, please complete the form on our online booking portalby clicking the button below. Membership fees will be added to your first booking. Please ensure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions before submitting the form.   

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