Success stories

Travel Training can be a genuinely life-changing opportunity for children and young people. We've collected just a few of the stories from people who have been on our programme.

Ashley’s story

Ashley now travels independently after joining our independent travel training in Norfolk.

Rene's story

Rene completed his Independent Travel Training in Lambeth this year – and is now out and about independently. Talking about his . . . .

Daud’s Story

Daud wanted more confidence and independence from Travel Training. He can now go to the gym and out and about in London. Being a London Bus Driver is now an option for his future career!

Emily’s Story

Emily was anxious about Travel Training but her nerves disappeared after a couple of days with her trainer Carla. She is happy with her newly developed travel skills and plans to use these to go shopping with her friends.

Rene’s Story

Now that Rene can travel independently, he can now stay at school for clubs and doesn’t have to sit at home. He feels more positive and focused and wants to get a job in the future and have his own apartment.

Olivia’s Story

Olivia was bored travelling to school in a taxi. She now enjoys travelling by train, and is confident to deal with the unexpected, like missing a train and mistakes on the departure board.

Shaydon’s Story

Shaydon didn’t enjoy getting the minibus to school and is much happier travelling independently. His dad says how important it is that he’s completed the training.

Aysia’s Story

Aysia used to have to wait for her mum and go everywhere in the car. Now she has her freedom she goes out with friends and can help out her mum. Aysia has future dreams of working and visiting family in Jamaica.

Jake’s Story

Jake was fed up travelling to school on the minibus and really wanted to travel on his own. Now his mum trusts him to travel independently because he has learnt lots of travelling tips and knows how to travel safely.