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What's it like working at HCT Group?

If you’re looking for a job where you feel like you’re part of a team, not part of a big machine, then HCT Group is for you. We’re proud that colleagues here say they are treated as an individual, not as a number. We’re committed to equality, and we value our staff and what they have to say.

Each year we conduct a staff satisfaction survey, giving colleagues a stronger voice. The survey explores how people feel about their role, the organisation and how communication and dialogue might be improved. Results are shared across the organisation, with each region developing an action plan to follow up on staff feedback.

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Colin's Story

Colin has been a controller for 11 years, keeping our services in Jersey running smoothly and safely. He says every day is different in this job, which he loves.

Jane's Story

Jane worked for a big bus company for years, but she joined our team in Derbyshire to give something back to the community. She loves her job, and doesn’t get that ‘Sunday feeling’ any more!

Andres' Story

Andres spent a few years thinking about becoming a bus driver before he decided to go for it – and he has never looked back!

Jo's Story

Jo is a Customer Service Manager in Derbyshire and loves being able to blend together the work she enjoys with helping people.

Kemoy's Story

Kemoy started as a driver and has worked up to Operations Manager. He says HCT Group is not your normal bus operator – and it’s a great place to grow your career.

Lee's Story

Lee keeps our community transport services moving every day. From taking bookings to checking vehicles over she is always busy, but she says knowing she is making a difference makes it all worthwhile.

Peter's Story

Peter, who drives service buses in Jersey, loves getting to know our passengers, and took part in our 2015 Social Enterprise Champions programme.

Denise's Story

For Denise, being a driver is much more than just getting behind the wheel – she gets to know her passengers and sees what a difference our services make.

Lee's Story

Lee is our Transport Manager in Derbyshire, following roles in our Bristol and Guernsey teams. He says HCT Group is a progressive company that does things differently.

Martyn's Story

Martyn was looking for part-time work after he retired, and became a driver on our Dial-a-Ride service – a role he thoroughly enjoys.